doc martens fir rand fishkin
doc martens for rand fishkin

Rand Fishkin of SEOMOZ is famous for his yellow Pumas. Or should I better say he was? Now his shoes got stolen and he is searching for a new pair. But instead of buying the same old thing again, here’s the idea. We have to change him a little bit. He is not punky enough anymore. So let’s give him back a little punk again.

The idea is to see Rand Fishkin with these nice yellow Dr. Martens. Maybe it’s easier to make a change for him, when the color doesn’t change. 😉 Please Write an Article about why Rand Fishking should replace his pumas with these nice docs, Or maybe you have a better pair for him. Lets see who has the best pair of new shoes for Rand. Twitter about it and don’t forget to tell him about this article. I will collect all articles written about his new Dr. Martens and link to them from this article. Ans also twitter about it and don’t forget to include his name in your tweet (@randfish) and the hash tag #docsforrand.

I think this is a nice possibility to show him how much we care about him and that it is time for a change. Read more about him and his yellow shoes right here.

Here are some other Shoe ideas for Rand from: Harlinghausen,
Agency Girl, Nerd in skirt, Sebastian Feldmann

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